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What Doctor Do I See After An Accident In FloridaI recommend you see a medical doctor after an accident in Florida.  You’ll want to see a doctor who graduated from medical school. This can be an ER doctor, orthopedist, neurologist, or primary care physician. Receiving immediate emergency is critical.

Some people like going to chiropractors. Not that there is anything wrong with chiropractors, but there are some drawbacks. First, insurance companies do not value the claims the same as they do when a medical doctor is on the file. There is a presumption that chiropractors inflate their bills and prolong treatment.

I think chiropractors have tremendous value when they work together with medical doctors.  Medical doctor evaluates the patient then prescribes physical therapy with a chiropractor. I recommend the medical doctor overseeing the treatment plan.

When building a personal injury case you must prepare for the possibility of a jury trial. Jurors tend to believe medical doctors more than they do chiropractors. They add credibility to the case.  Having a medical doctor on board usually means a higher settlement or jury award.

How To Find A Doctor

The easiest way to find a doctor is call a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys work with medical doctors on a regular basis.  Most have a working directory of medical doctors they can recommend.

You can find a doctor after an accident in Florida online. Google can be an excellent resource for finding medical doctors. There are also specific medical directories that may be helpful in your search. Also, if you have health insurance you can search for an approved provider.

If you look for a doctor on your own you’ll want to make sure they have experience in treating accident injuries. Not all doctors do. Some are better at writing medical records that will help your case. Also, some doctors don’t want be bothered with accident cases. They may not want to disrupt their practice to give depositions or testify at trial.

How Doctors Bills Are Paid

In Florida, car accident bills are covered by your personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits.  Depending upon your deductible, PIP will pay up to $10,000 of your doctors bills. Any medical bills not paid by PIP are paid by the person who caused the accident. For example, if you have $25,000 in bills and PIP paid $10,000, the at-fault party would pay the remaining $15,000.

In slip and fall cases all of your medical bills are paid by the responsible party at the end of the case.  Doctors who treat slip and fall patients usually require a “letter of protection” signed by a personal injury attorney.  This means the doctor treats the patient without advanced payment and the attorney agrees to protect the doctors bill. In other words, the doctor will get paid at the end of the case from the settlement.

Your health insurance may cover some of your medical bills after an accident. Usually, an emergency room bill or ambulance bill is paid by health insurance. Because the at-fault party is primarily responsible for your medical bills and your health insurance is secondary, if your health insurance paid benefits they may be entitled to a reimbursement if you recover money from the at-fault party. This is called a “right of subrogation.” The Florida law requiring reimbursement was designed to prevent plaintiffs from double recovering.  If you believe your health insurance company or other collateral source may have paid some of your medical bills after an accident, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney because there may be a lien.

In conclusion, I recommend you treat with a medical doctor first, then receive physical therapy from a chiropractor.  The best way to find a doctor after an accident in Florida is to call a personal injury attorney for a referral.  Your medical bills will likely be paid by your PIP in a car accident or by the at-fault party at the end of the case.

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